2015-2016 Calendar

Here is the calendar as it stands right now, as approved by the AIASDAC at the April 15th meeting.

Sanctioned Calendar for 2015-16

Thespian Convention @ Mtn Pointe—Aug 15th

New Speech & Debate Coach Workshop @ Mtn View—Aug 22nd

ASDCA Convention & Workshops @ Barry Goldwater or other school —Aug 29th

AIASDAC Fall Committee Meeting—Sept 16th

SWSDI Practice Tournament @ Horizon—Sept. 19th 

Prep School Congress @ Scottsdale Prep—Oct 3rd

Brophy Novice Tournament @ Brophy—Oct 17th

Red Mountain Lost Dutchman—Oct 23rd and 24th

McClintock Jim Fountain Classic–Oct 30th-31st

Mountain View Toro Country Classic–Nov 13th-14th

Dobson Invitational—Nov 20th-21st

Winter Trophy—Dec 4th and 5th  (Maryvale possible Div 2 host, Mesa possible Div 1 host)


ASU Southwest Championships—Jan 7th-8th-9th

AIASDAC Jan Committee Meeting—Jan 20th

Prep School Classic @ Chandler Prep—Jan 15th-16th

Thespian Regional Acting Festivals—Southern Jan 23rd and North & Central on Jan 30th

Bobcat Bonanza— – Central High School Jan. 29th-30th

Harvard/Berkeley—Feb. 13th-15th

Thespians—One Act Feb 13th

AZ Nat Quals Congress—Feb 27th

SWSDIT—Mar 4th-5th

AIASDAC State TD Committee Meeting—Mar 9th

State—Mar 18th-19th  (Chandler possible Div 1 host; Salpointe possible Div 2 host)

AZ Nat Quals—Mar 31st-Apr 2nd (APRIL TOPICS)

AIASDAC Spring Committee Meeting—April 20th

AIA Division I State Debate Ballots

Here are the ballots from Division 1 State.  They are organized by event and round.

PF Quarters   PF Octafinals   PF Finals  PF Round 3  PF Round 4  PF Semifinals  PF Round 2  PF Round 1

LD Semifinals  LD Round 4  LD Octafinals  LD Quarters  LD Round 1  LD Round 2  LD Round 3  LD Finals

CX Semifinals   CX Round 3   CX Round 2   CX Round 1   CX Finals  CX Quarters

Do you want to host a tournament or change divisions?

To all Coaches wishing to host a tournament or change divisions in 2015-2016:

The Arizona Interscholastic Association State Speech and Debate Advisory Committee (AIASSDAC) is asking for any coach who wishes to host a tournament in 2015-2016 to fill out the AIA Intrastate Sanctioning Form.  This form is attached here:  AIA Tournament Sanctioning Form.  It is no longer available online at the AIA website.  Without this completed form, we cannot consider you as an invitational tournament host.

Our final meeting of the year, where we create the 2015-2016 competition calendar, is scheduled for April 15th at 9:30 in the morning.  To insure that all forms are received in a timely manner, we are asking that the forms be sent to Kevin Berlat by April 1, 2015.  They can be faxed to 602-271-2385, attn Kevin Berlat, or e-mailed to berlat@phoenixunion.org.  I will confirm with you when I receive the forms, so if I don’t get back to you, send it again until I do.

The tournament season typically runs between October and March.  We will host a Forensic League of Arizona “Welcome” Tournament in mid-to-late September as a way to hold workshops and provide some “pre-season” competition.

What we are asking from you is that you provide us with alternate dates when you submit your form.  There are a number of schools vying for precious real-estate, and we want to avoid double-booking and back-to-backs as much as possible.  Please make sure that all of your possible dates are times when you can host.  Also, please provide us with a cell-phone number or classroom number where we can reach you directly during our meeting.  We’d rather be able to get in touch with you immediately to work out a conflict then put out multiple versions of the calendar in the weeks after the meeting.

We are always looking for hosts for our Winter Trophy and State Tournaments.  If your school has never hosted a tournament before, these are great opportunities to make money from a concessions stand and learn about the finer points of tournament management.  If you want to host one of these tournaments, don’t fill out a sanctioning form, just let me know.  Hopefully, we can lock in hosts for them as well on April 16th.

In addition, we will also approve those who wish to either move up or down in division.  Even if you changed your placement 2 years ago, you must reapply for the division change.

Division Alignments

  • Our initial division alignment is set at 1900. Schools with a population above this are in Division 1, and schools under this population are in Division 2.
  • Schools who join with no recent history of speech and debate activity will begin in Division 2.
  • Schools can petition up or down by submitting a petition to the AIA SDAC. Decisions will be made at the April 17th
  • We will follow the AIA 2 year cycle, and will look at divisions again in 2017.

Criteria for Division Placement Petitions

  • Participation in Speech and Debate over the previous 4 years.
  • Student enrollment including previous four (4) school years
  • Geography/loss of school time
  • Makeup of student population
  • Competitive history over last four (4) school years in all activities
  • Effect of movement in equity of numbers between divisions
  • Any other information considered significant by the appealing school

Submit your petition to me by April 1, and it will be considered at the meeting.  We will notify you after the meeting whether or not your petition has been approved.

NSDA Congressional Debate Qualifier Deadlines

If your team wants to submit legislation for the NSDA Congressional Debate Qualifier tournament, please send it to both Kevin Berlat at berlat@phoenixunion.org AND Meg Howell at mmhowell@mpsaz.org.  The deadline for legislation is February 1st.  Make sure that it is formatted according to NSDA standards and that it is debateable, falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, and is of a serious nature.  We hate to reject legislation, but we have in the past when it fails one of those requirements.

Remember that the legislation which Arizona sends to Nationals will come from this docket, so write the best legislation you can!  See you at the qualifier.

Revised ASU Congressional Debate Dockets

The preliminary docket for the ASU Southwest Championship has been revised with some new legislation.  In addition, the semifinal and final round information is out as well.  You can find it at asu.tabroom.com as well as here:

ASU Congress Docket 2015 Supersessions

ASU Congress Docket 2015 Revised

Good luck, and we hope to see you there!

ASU Docket 2015

The ASU Southwest Championship Congressional Debate Docket is available here:  ASU Congress Docket 2015.  The final and possible semifinal legislation will be posted here and at http://www.tabroom.com as soon as they are available.

AZ Novice Policy Debate Evidence Packets

Thank you to Joel Sannes for the following message:

Speech and Debate Coaches:

As many of you know by now, the teams that regularly have policy debate at their schools have agreed to limit novice policy debate to only arguing from evidence in a policy debate packet.  This will enable the students to learn policy debate without the bewildering array of arguments that face them if the topic is wide open for novices.

There are two ways to access the packet.  The first is by downloading the evidence from the Wikispace page for the Novice Evidence Policy Packet .  This page has the rules for debating from the evidence packet.  For access to the packet without the rule page, please use this Dropbox Link.

With this packet, we also believe many of your students who would have been reluctant to do policy debate might reconsider.  All the work they need to do to compete at a novice tournament is here for them. They can rewrite and reorganize the evidence in the packet if they want to customize their cases, so there is also room to improve the arguments, and through the year we will add additional evidence and arguments.

The SWSDIT tournament this weekend will debate the packet.  It is short notice, we know, but it was also a chore to put this together.

I’m just the messenger here.  Thanks to Rohit Rajan, Kailyn Revenew and Jennifer Zhang for their work putting this together, and to ASU Director of Forensics Adam Symonds for giving his encouragement.

Joel Sannes

Chandler Preparatory Academy

Speech and Debate

(602) 432-9198


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