ASU Docket 2015

The ASU Southwest Championship Congressional Debate Docket is available here:  ASU Congress Docket 2015.  The final and possible semifinal legislation will be posted here and at as soon as they are available.

AZ Novice Policy Debate Evidence Packets

Thank you to Joel Sannes for the following message:

Speech and Debate Coaches:

As many of you know by now, the teams that regularly have policy debate at their schools have agreed to limit novice policy debate to only arguing from evidence in a policy debate packet.  This will enable the students to learn policy debate without the bewildering array of arguments that face them if the topic is wide open for novices.

There are two ways to access the packet.  The first is by downloading the evidence from the Wikispace page for the Novice Evidence Policy Packet .  This page has the rules for debating from the evidence packet.  For access to the packet without the rule page, please use this Dropbox Link.

With this packet, we also believe many of your students who would have been reluctant to do policy debate might reconsider.  All the work they need to do to compete at a novice tournament is here for them. They can rewrite and reorganize the evidence in the packet if they want to customize their cases, so there is also room to improve the arguments, and through the year we will add additional evidence and arguments.

The SWSDIT tournament this weekend will debate the packet.  It is short notice, we know, but it was also a chore to put this together.

I’m just the messenger here.  Thanks to Rohit Rajan, Kailyn Revenew and Jennifer Zhang for their work putting this together, and to ASU Director of Forensics Adam Symonds for giving his encouragement.

Joel Sannes

Chandler Preparatory Academy

Speech and Debate

(602) 432-9198

ASDCA Coaches Convention

Thank you to all of the coaches, trainers, students, and judges who attended yesterday’s convention.  The big news is that we are now official.  The Forensic League of Arizona has been retired, and we are now officially the Arizona Speech and Debate Coaches Association has taken its place.  I appreciate all of the support and understanding that the coaches showed as we maneuvered through this transition.  Our first AIA meeting of the year will take place on September 24.  More information and an updated officer list to come.

Our first tournament will be the SWSDI Practice Tournament at Brophy College Prep on September 20th.  The invitation is available on Check it out!

Arizona’s Rotating Event: Declamation!

Our new event this year is Declamation, also called Oratorical Interpretation.


 Freshman and Sophomore competitors only.

8 minutes maximum, with a 30 second grace period, including an introduction, just like an interp performance.

Competitors take a publically presented speech, or a published essay, and present it as if they were the speaker.  The cliche example is a student performing “I Have A Dream” as if they were Martin Luther King Jr.  The material must come from printed published sources (such as editorials, essays, speeches), it should be persuasive or inspirational in nature and it should have literary merit.

The year is starting…

It is time to get started.  Time for a new beginning to our organization and for a new competitive year.  Over the past year, we have worked to reorganize, become an official non-profit, and modernize the organization.  At the convention on September 6, we will vote to (hopefully) formally approve our new articles of organization and become the Arizona Speech and Debate Coaches Association.  Our board has already agreed on this change, and we ask for your support.  The convention website is open and is at

The payment information has changed, so make sure you read the invitation carefully.  If you have any questions, then email me at

See you there!  

Good Luck, and some updates…

Wish our Arizona students luck at the Tournament of Champions this weekend at the University of Kentucky.  You can follow their success at  We have the potential to do great things.

This is the first of a series on next year’s changes as adopted by the AIA Speech and Debate Advisory Committee:

Duo Acting will become Duet Acting.  This name is accepted by the National Speech and Debate Association for student credit points.  Costumes and props will no longer be allowed.  Students will get a table and 2 chairs to work with, but, for safety reasons, they may no longer get on top of the table whether it is by sitting, standing, or laying.  We are also reinforcing the current rule in the handbook which states that literature in Duo (Duet) Acting must be written for the theater, either as a full length play, a one-act, or a scene.  These changes will go into effect in 2014-2015.

A proposal which will go before the Coaches Convention in September would limit Duet Acting to Freshman or Sophomore competitors only.  That will require debate and a vote at the convention before being adopted.

Get ready for next year!

There are many exciting things coming our way.  I will have much to tell you over the next few weeks.  For now, here is the current tournament schedule for 2014-2015.  it can be found on our page, and also downloaded here: 14-15 Tournament Calendar.  Let me know as soon as possible if there are any errors.


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