AZ results at the NIETOC

At the 2011 National Individual Events Tournament of Champions, held at St. Mary’s Hall in San Antonio, Team AZ had a stellar showing. Alexa Curran from Mesquite High School won the NIETOC in Poetry. Nicole Mayberry of Central High School was a Semifinalist in Dramatic Interpretation. Congrats Team AZ…now on to Dallas!

Meg Howell elected to NFL Hall of Fame

Arizona’s very own Meg Howell-Haymaker has been elected to the National Forensic League Hall of Fame.  She will be honored this summer during the NFL National Tournament in Dallas, TX.  The full press release from the NFL can be found here:  Meg Howell-Haymaker.  Congratulations Meg!

Calendar Updates

 The calendar for 2011-2012 has been updated. Check out the schedule: 2011-12 Tournament Calendar