Congress presentations

If you have any scorers or parliamentarians who are planning on judging the NFL Qualifier next week, then give them a copy of these presentations.

State Tournaments and NFL Qualifier

Congratulations to all of our new AIA State Champions.  Thank you to the tournament officials who ran such wonderful state tournaments.

The deadline for registration for the NFL Qualifier has arrived.  Make sure that you have read the invitation carefully and that your paperwork is given to Meg Howell by the appropriate time.  We want to be sure that everyone who can come to NFL is able to without any problem.

Updates and Deadlines

After a wild February, we are in the home stretch.

Please carefully read the invitations for the appropriate State Tournament.   Many of them have deadlines for legislation that are either past due, or rapidly approaching.  Also, if your team needs to appeal to register for the state tournament, that time is coming soon.

The National Forensic League Qualifier tournament is coming soon.  It is critical that you carefully read the invitation.  There are procedures that we have to follow, and deadlines that are different from any other tournament.  If you don’t follow them, your students might not get to compete for the right to go to the National Tournament.  The deadline to submit Congressional Debate Legislation is next week.

Once we are past the State Tournaments, it will be time to start thinking about next year.  We will need sanctioning forms for the 2012-2013 season to be turned in by April 1 so that we can craft a calendar at the last AIA meeting of the year.  More details to come.