Congratulations to Mr. Kevin Berlat!

Congratulations to FLAs own Kevin Berlat who was selected to receive a NFHS Speech Advisory Committee award for all of his work with AZ Forensics!! Portions of the award letter appear below:

“We are pleased to inform you that your candidate for a NFHS Speech, Debate and Theatre Association Award, Kevin Berlat, has been selected by the NFHS Speech Advisory Committee to receive a Section award representing Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah.

Sectional winners will receive a commemorative plaque that will be shipped to you from the awards manufacturer.

We will honor all state and section award recipients in a feature-length article in a future issue of the on-line edition of the NFHS magazine, High School Today.”



2013-2014 Calendar Sanctioning

To all Coaches wishing to host a tournament in 2013-2014:

The Arizona Interscholastic Association State Speech and Debate Advisory Committee (AIASSDAC) is asking for any coach who wishes to host a tournament in 2011-2012 to fill out the AIA Intrastate Sanctioning Form.  This form is attached here: AIA Tournament Sanctioning Form.  It is no longer available online.  Without this completed form, we cannot consider you as an invitational tournament host.

Our final meeting of the year, where we create the 2013-2014 competition calendar, is scheduled for April 17th at 9:30 in the morning.  To insure that all forms are received in a timely manner, we are asking that the forms be sent to Kevin Berlat by April 1, 2013.  They can be faxed to 602-271-2385, attn Kevin Berlat, or e-mailed to  I will confirm with you when I receive the forms, so if I don’t get back to you, send it again until I do.

The tournament season typically runs between October and March.  We will host a Forensic League of Arizona convention in mid-to-late September as a way to hold workshops and provide some “pre-season” competition.

What we are asking from you is that you provide us with alternate dates when you submit your form.  There are a number of schools vying for precious real-estate, and we want to avoid double-booking and back-to-backs as much as possible.  Please make sure that all of your possible dates are times when you can host.  Also, please provide us with a cell-phone number or classroom number where we can reach you directly during our meeting.  We’d rather be able to get in touch with you immediately to work out a conflict then put out multiple versions of the calendar in the weeks after the meeting.

We are always looking for hosts for our Winter Trophy and State Tournaments.  If your school has never hosted a tournament before, these are great opportunities to make money from a concessions stand and learn about the finer points of tournament management.  If you want to host one of these tournaments, don’t fill out a sanctioning form, just let me know.  Hopefully, we can lock in hosts for them as well on April 17th.


Kevin J. Berlat