Welcome back, and for our new coaches, welcome to the community.  Our season is ready to begin.  Our first event is coming up on August 24th, with our New Coaches Workshop at Mountain View High School.  The workshops will take place from 9-noon.  Register for these by contacting Meg Howell at mmhowell@mpsaz.org.  Next up is our Forensic League of Arizona Coaches Convention.  This takes place at Mesquite High School on September 7th.  Go to www.joyoftournaments.com/az for the website link for more information and to register.  The convention will feature the Forensic League business for the year, as well as a number of workshops for students and judges to attend to provide more information about our competitive events and etiquette.

We are looking forward to a great year.  I hope to see you there.

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