Schedule Changes

There are a few adjustments to our tournament calendar:

McClintock High School’s Jim Fountain Classic will be on October 25-26.

Thunderbird High School has to cancel their February tournament, but in its place,

Grand Canyon University will host a 1-day IE only tournament on February 15th.

These changes are pending final AIASDAC approval on September 25th.

Special occasion Speaking

Forensic League of Arizona


Purpose of the Category:

To develop skills related to adapting oral presentations to specific situational demands.

Definition of the Category:

The challenge to the speaker is to make an appropriate presentation which responds to the constraints of the occasion (including the probable audience). In considering the “appropriateness” of the speaker’s work, attention will be paid to the purpose the speaker chooses, the position taken, the content, organization and general stylistic “tone,” and the manner of delivery. It is possible that a speech may pursue more than one of the standard general purposes of informing, persuading, and entertaining.


1. Prior to the presentation, the participant is to announce which situation has been chosen. This announcement must be brief and is not considered part of the presentation on which the student will be evaluated.

2. Maximum time limit: 5 minutes. A 30 second grace period is allowed, after which the student may not be ranked first in the round, but does not necessarily have to be ranked last.

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. The extent to which the apparent specific purpose was appropriate to the occasion.

2. The extent to which the content and organization of the speech fulfilled the speaker’s purpose.

Researched material must be verbally attributed to a source(s).

3. The extent to which the presentation reflected effective language skills, including such items as use of transitions and clear, vivid and appropriate word choices.

4. The extent to which the vocal presentation was clear and appropriate to the chosen occasion, including such items as articulation, pronunciation, volume, rate, pitch and voice quality.

5. The extent to which the physical presence contributed to the clarity and effectiveness of the presentation, including such items as facial expression, eye contact, gestures and bodily movement.


Judge Training Opportunities

Just in from Meg Howell:

I know this is incredibly late notice, but I just got approval to do a judge training session tomorrow, Saturday, September 14th, at 1:00 p.m. in room 725 at Mountain View. Anyone is welcome. Even if you are a coach without much judging background and want ideas in how to train your own judges, you are welcome to come. If you need information about building and room location text me at 480-294-7455 or drop me an email at

Don’t forget that John Wolnisty is running a judge training session at Tempe Prep on Wednesday, September 18th at 6:30 p.m.

Cassie Alber is also running a judge training session at Mesquite HS on Tuesday, September 24th at 5:30 p.m.

Have a great weekend!

Convention Information

If you are attending the FLA Convention, but aren’t bringing students to the workshop, then please let us know by filling out the invoice linked here: FLA Convention Invoice 2013-14 and then email it to Kevin Berlat at so that we know you are coming.

Hope to see you there.