Wish our Arizona students luck at the Tournament of Champions this weekend at the University of Kentucky.  You can follow their success at toc.tabroom.com.  We have the potential to do great things.

This is the first of a series on next year’s changes as adopted by the AIA Speech and Debate Advisory Committee:

Duo Acting will become Duet Acting.  This name is accepted by the National Speech and Debate Association for student credit points.  Costumes and props will no longer be allowed.  Students will get a table and 2 chairs to work with, but, for safety reasons, they may no longer get on top of the table whether it is by sitting, standing, or laying.  We are also reinforcing the current rule in the handbook which states that literature in Duo (Duet) Acting must be written for the theater, either as a full length play, a one-act, or a scene.  These changes will go into effect in 2014-2015.

A proposal which will go before the Coaches Convention in September would limit Duet Acting to Freshman or Sophomore competitors only.  That will require debate and a vote at the convention before being adopted.

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