Arizona’s Rotating Event: Declamation!

Our new event this year is Declamation, also called Oratorical Interpretation.


 Freshman and Sophomore competitors only.

8 minutes maximum, with a 30 second grace period, including an introduction, just like an interp performance.

Competitors take a publically presented speech, or a published essay, and present it as if they were the speaker.  The cliche example is a student performing “I Have A Dream” as if they were Martin Luther King Jr.  The material must come from printed published sources (such as editorials, essays, speeches), it should be persuasive or inspirational in nature and it should have literary merit.

The year is starting…

It is time to get started.  Time for a new beginning to our organization and for a new competitive year.  Over the past year, we have worked to reorganize, become an official non-profit, and modernize the organization.  At the convention on September 6, we will vote to (hopefully) formally approve our new articles of organization and become the Arizona Speech and Debate Coaches Association.  Our board has already agreed on this change, and we ask for your support.  The convention website is open and is at

The payment information has changed, so make sure you read the invitation carefully.  If you have any questions, then email me at

See you there!