Today was the annual ASDCA Coaches Convention.  Congratulations to Beth Clarke on her election as ASDCA President.  John Wolnisty was reelected Treasurer.  Kevin Berlat was elected to complete the current Public Relations term.  The first AIA Committee meeting will be September 16.  Forward any issues to President Clarke by September 4th for consideration.

In addition, there are several judge trainings available.  Tempe Preparatory Academy will hold a judge training on September 14, at 6:30 PM.  Contact John Wolnisty at for more information.  Mountain View High School will hold their training on September 15, also at 6:30 PM.  Contact  Finally, Mesquite High will have a judge training on September 29th at 6:00 PM.  Cassie Alber will be able to give you more information at  All are welcome at all judge trainings.  We encourage you to get as many of your judges and parents trained as possible.  The more judges, the merrier!

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