The ASDCA is delighted to have a role in encouraging the tremendous growth in Arizona Middle School speech and debate.  The following tournaments will have Middle School competition during the 2015-2016 school year:

10/3/15: Prep Congress @ Scottsdale Prep

Will offer separate MS and HS divisions. Anticipate multiple MS houses and a finals session this year.

  • We encourage judges to be hands-on (pausing the round and give guidance on parliamentary procedure) to help make this a meaningful learning experience for new and veteran congress competitors.
  • New Congress judges can find training materials (and sample ballots) on our Joyoftournaments page, and photocopies at check-in.
  • Docket of Legislation is being posted (school names removed) in chunks as legislation is submitted to Wolnisty. Once the deadline for legislation hits, we will ballot down the docket.  Final docket will add author school names back.

10/17/15: Novice Tournament @ Brophy College Prep

  • Willing to offer a MS “Festival” Division (all speech events) in addition to HS division.  Students rated (good, excellent, superior, etc.) rather than ranked.  Focus is comments, exposure to tournament setting, and training judges.
  • Unsure of MS Debate being offered. Look on Joy for invitation details…

11/14/15:  Toro Country Classic @ Mountain View

  • Concurrent with HS tournament. MS students only compete Saturday and must choose one track between: Congress, Public Forum Debate, or 1-2 Speech Events

1/30/16: Bobkitty Congress @ Central High School

  • MS students compete Saturday-only. Concurrent with HS Bobcat Bonanza.  MS students are offered chamber(s) of Congressional Debate.

2/6/16: Phoenix Country Day School Middle School Invitational

  • Middle school invitational (offers all AZ middle school S&D events except Congress).
  • Students need to choose between Speech (1-2 events) or Public Forum.

4/16/16: Spartan Junior Classic (MS Speech-only) @ Gilbert Classical Academy

  • All 9 speech events. No congress or debate.

5/7/16: ASDCA MS Invitational @ Chandler Prep Academy

–      Formerly “Great Hearts Junior High Invitational” (see ASDCA Convention)

–      Students need to choose between Speech (1-2 events) or Public Forum.

6/12 – 6/18/16: National Middle School Tournament — Salt Lake City, Utah

More information about Middle School Speech and Debate competitive events will be forthcoming.


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