Division 1 Debate Ballots

Here are the Division 1 Debate Ballots for the tournament held at ASU last weekend.  Thank you to all of the judges and coaches who made this all possible, and huge thanks to the ASU Speech and Debate team for being our gracious hosts.



VPF_Round1 VPF_Round2 VPF_Round3 VPF_Round4

NPF_Round1 NPF_Round2 NPF_Round3 NPF_Round4

NLD_Round1 NLD_Round2 NLD_Round3 NLD_Round4

VLD_Round1 VLD_Round2 VLD_Round3 VLD_Round4

NLD elims

NPD elims

NPF elims

VLD elims

VPD elims

VPF elims


ASDCA Division 1 Winter Trophy Information

If you are attending the Division 1 Winter Trophy tournament at ASU tomorrow, please note the following registration locations.  This is a slight change from years past:

All Congressional debate will take place in the BA building at the south end of Cady Mall.

Registration will be in room BA 241

Houses will be in rooms BA 257, BA 258 or BA 265

Debate registration will take place in the SS building courtyard in the afternoon.  There will not be any registration at SS in the morning.

Thanks, and we hope to see you there!