UK Tournament of Champions

Congressional Debate


Congratulations to the following students who will compete in the final round tomorrow.  The round will start shortly after the Awards ceremony at the Campbell House tomorrow:

XAE Wettach

XKZ Seabrooks

XGY Hedayatnia

ACP Osaba

XGR Estel

XMR Wainer

XJC Kumar

ACX Bevard

XCR Kleinle

AGP Love


XBK Hunschofsky


The following students will serve as Presiding Officers:


ADS Gordon

ALH Kannegieter

XAE Fadool


Would the following judges report to the Mason Headley room tomorrow by 10:30


Tracy Harrington

William Fritz

Harry Yu

Linda Dolan

Deborah Nicholls

Kathryn Stewart

Veneta Gilchrist

Nick Klemp

Jeff Harkleroad

Chris Harrow

Jay Stubbs


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