Bobcat Bonanza Debate Ballots

The Central High Speech and Debate team would like to thank everyone who attended the Bobcat Bonanza.  Here are the debate ballots, courtesy of ASDCA Treasurer and IT Guru John Wolnisty.

bobcat-vld-semi  bobcat-vpf-finals  bobcat-vpf-octos  bobcat-vpf-quarters

bobcat-vpf-r1  bobcat-vpf-r2  bobcat-vpf-r3  bobcat-vpf-r4  bobcat-vpf-semi

bobcat-cx-finals  bobcat-cx-r1  bobcat-cx-r2  bobcat-cx-r3  bobcat-cx-semis

bobcat-nld-finals  bobcat-nld-octos  bobcat-nld-quarters  bobcat-nld-r1

bobcat-nld-r2  bobcat-nld-r3  bobcat-nld-semi  bobcat-npf-finals

bobcat-npf-octos  bobcat-npf-quarters  bobcat-npf-r1  bobcat-npf-r2

bobcat-npf-r3  bobcat-npf-semi  bobcat-vld-finals  bobcat-vld-octos

bobcat-vld-quarters  bobcat-vld-r1  bobcat-vld-r2  bobcat-vld-r3  bobcat-vld-r4

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