SWSDIT 2017 Debate Ballots

Thank you all for attending the 2017 SWSDIT.  We are so thankful for our host, Hamilton High School, and all who competed at the tournament.  Here are the debate ballots from the weekend.

nld_f  nld_o  nld_q  nld_r1  nld_r2  nld_r3  nld_r4  nld_s

npf_f  npf_q  npf_r1  npf_r2  npf_r3  npf_r4  npf_s

vcx_r1  vcx_r2  vcx_r3  vcx_r4  vcx_s

vld_f  vld_o  vld_q  vld_r1  vld_r2  vld_r3  vld_r4  vld_r5  vld_r6  vld_s

vpf_f  vpf_o  vpf_q  vpf_r1  vpf_r2  vpf_r3  vpf_r4  vpf_r5  vpf_r6  vpf_s

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