Division 1 State Debate Ballots

Congratulations to everyone who attended the AIA State Tournaments.  Here are the debate ballots for the Division 1 tournament.

AZD1StatePF_Q  AZD1StatePF_R1  AZD1StatePF_R2  AZD1StatePF_R3  AZD1StatePF_R4 AZD1StatePF  AZD1StatePF _O  AZD1StatePF_S

AZD1StateCX_R1  AZD1StateCX_R2  AZD1StateCX_R3  AZD1StateCX_R4  AZD1StateCX_S

AZD1StateLD_F  AZD1StateLD_O  AZD1StateLD_Q  AZD1StateLD_R1  AZD1StateLD_R2

AZD1StateLD_R3  AZD1StateLD_R4  AZD1StateLD_S

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