Jim Fountain Classic (McClintock) Debate Ballots

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Jim Fountain Classic at McClintock HS this weekend.  Here are the scanned debate ballots from the tournament.

JFC-NPF-Q10282017  JFC-NPF-R110282017  JFC-NPF-R210282017  JFC-NPF-R310282017

JFC-NPF-S10282017  JFC-NPF-F10282017

JFC-PF-F10282017  JFC-PF-Q10282017  JFC-PF-R110282017  

JFC-PF-R210282017  JFC-PF-R310282017  JFC-PF-S10282017

JFC-CX-F10282017  JFC-CX-R110282017  JFC-CX-R210282017  JFC-CX-R210282017_0001

JFC-CX-R310282017  JFC-CX-R410282017

JFC-LD-F10282017  JFC-LD-O10282017  JFC-LD-Q10282017  JFC-LD-R110282017

JFC-LD-R210282017  JFC-LD-R310282017  JFC-LD-R410282017  JFC-LD-S10282017

JFC-NCX-R110282017  JFC-NCX-R210282017  JFC-NCX-R310282017


JFC-NLD-F10282017  JFC-NLD-O10282017  JFC-NLD-Q10282017

JFC-NLD-Q10282017_0002  JFC-NLD-R1A10282017  JFC-NLD-R1B10282017

JFC-NLD-R210282017  JFC-NLD-R310282017  JFC-NLD-R410282017  


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