Sarah Smithson


Barbara Williams


Meg Howell-Haymaker

At the time of induction, Meg Howell- Haymaker, a six-diamond coach, has coached for 30 years. She has won seven state championships and fourteen NSDA district trophies. She has had over 141 students qualify to complete at NSDA nationals including one American Legion National Champion. In 2011 she was also inducted into the National Speech and Debate Coaches Hall of Fame. She currently coaches at Mt. View High School and serves as the NSDA district chair.

Lynn Stewart


Diana Krauss

Diana Krauss, a two diamond coach, from Central High School was instrumental in building the program there from the ground up. She had over 15 years of experience and was considered a mentor by many other coaches. In her time as coach, she led Central to two state championships, and in 2004 she was honored with the Debate Team of Distinction award at NSDA nationals.


Terri Fields

Teri Fields is a two diamond coach and notable author from Sunnyslope High School. Fields coached at Sunnyslope for 20 years. She lead the school to 10 state champions and numerous other awards. In 1986 she was selected as Arizona’s Teacher of the Year Award and in 2000 she was selected as one of the Best Twenty Teachers in the United States.


Mel D. Olson

James D. Fountain