Division 1 Winter Trophy Ballots

Jim Fountain Classic Ballots

The Maverick @ Desert Ridge Debate Ballots

AIA Meeting Outcomes

Hello everyone!

The AIASDAC met this week for our annual September gathering.  There was one big item which will affect Arizona tournaments.  As the NSDA is using the “pilot” PF rules for the 2020 Nationals, we felt confident that the new times are permanent.  We will use the 3 minute Summary and 3 minute Prep times as outlined in the pilot at Winter Trophy and State, and it is also recommended for invitationals.  Make sure you read the invitations carefully.

Additionally, we affirmed that the NDCA page linked in an earlier post provides all of the evidence allowable in Novice Policy Debate, however with the addition of negative Counterplans and a Kritik to the packet, affirmative teams will be allowed to debate CP and K theory in order to refute those arguments.  The guidelines are as follows:

    • Only use evidence from scripted materials
    • Cant mix materials from multiple sources and splice them together- no chance for opposing team to argue
    • Theory if there is any should be tightly controlled- will be open in the spring
    • Counter plans can be a good idea as they are debating which policy is better

More information can be found in the minutes, which are located here: AIA meeting notes 9_18_19


Coaches’ Conference and Other Information

Hi Coaches!

We are a week away from our 2019 ASDCA Coaches’ Conference.  If you haven’t checked out the website yet, go to www.joyoftournaments.com/az/convention for more information.  Click on the link for the Google Form to register.  We are not offering student workshops this year, but have a variety of workshops for coaches of all experience levels and interests.

We also have a Novice Policy Debate packet, as created by the National Debate Coaches Association.  It features three aff cases, three neg cases, a number of disads, and a T-shell.  it can be found at http://www.debatecoaches.org/2018-2019-novice-packet.  All Policy tournaments with a novice division first semester should use this packet.

Welcome to 2019-20

Hello everyone!

The year is already upon us.  Hopefully everyone had an exciting summer and is ready for the Speech and Debate season.  The calendar page is updated for 2019-2020 and we are already planning our first event – the ASDCA Conference on September 7th.  Please watch out for emails from Meg Howell regarding the conference and let her know if you want to be a presenter.

Go Team AZ!

AIA Division 1 State Debate Ballots

Here are the debate ballots from the Division 1 State tournament held at Desert Ridge.  Thank you to everyone who competed and judged at the tournament.  We had a great time.