Jim Fountain Classic (McClintock) Debate Ballots

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Jim Fountain Classic at McClintock HS this weekend.  Here are the scanned debate ballots from the tournament.

JFC-NPF-Q10282017  JFC-NPF-R110282017  JFC-NPF-R210282017  JFC-NPF-R310282017

JFC-NPF-S10282017  JFC-NPF-F10282017

JFC-PF-F10282017  JFC-PF-Q10282017  JFC-PF-R110282017  

JFC-PF-R210282017  JFC-PF-R310282017  JFC-PF-S10282017

JFC-CX-F10282017  JFC-CX-R110282017  JFC-CX-R210282017  JFC-CX-R210282017_0001

JFC-CX-R310282017  JFC-CX-R410282017

JFC-LD-F10282017  JFC-LD-O10282017  JFC-LD-Q10282017  JFC-LD-R110282017

JFC-LD-R210282017  JFC-LD-R310282017  JFC-LD-R410282017  JFC-LD-S10282017

JFC-NCX-R110282017  JFC-NCX-R210282017  JFC-NCX-R310282017


JFC-NLD-F10282017  JFC-NLD-O10282017  JFC-NLD-Q10282017

JFC-NLD-Q10282017_0002  JFC-NLD-R1A10282017  JFC-NLD-R1B10282017

JFC-NLD-R210282017  JFC-NLD-R310282017  JFC-NLD-R410282017  



Novice Policy Evidence Packet

The Novice Policy Debate evidence packet is located here:  NCX Packet

All Novice Policy teams should use the evidence and case materials in this packet for all tournaments first semester.

SWSDI Novice Debate Ballots

Here are the ballots from the SWSDI Novice Tournament held at Hamilton HS.  A huge thank you to the Hamilton Speech and Debate team for hosting this great opportunity for our community.





Judge Training

Do you have new judges?  Do you have parents whom you want to turn into judges?  Do your judges need some refreshers?  There are a few judge trainings available over the next month or so.

At the ASDCA convention, on September 9th at Brophy, there will be 2 trainings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Register your judges for the trainings at www.joyoftournaments.com/az.

At the SWSDI Novice Tournament, held at Hamilton HS on September 23, there will be a judge training, and then opportunities for the new judges to practice their skills in a low-stress environment.

In addition, Meg Howell at Mountain View will host a judge training night.  Information will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Any other opportunities for judge training will be posted on this page.  Well-prepared judges make tournaments so much more rewarding for our competitors.


New Coaches Workshop

New Speech and Debate coaches:

The New Coaches Workshop will be held at Mountain View High School on Saturday, August 19th.  Register for the workshop by contacting NSDA District Chair Meg Howell-Haymaker at mmhowellhaymaker@mpsaz.org.

Where in the world are the trophies?

ASDCA Treasurer Mr. Wolnisty and McClintock coach Mr. Glover took their annual road trip to Nationals this year.  As always, some trophies hitched a ride back to Phoenix with them.  Where did the trophies go this year?

2017-2018 Calendar Dates

Here is the calendar, as approved by the AIA State Speech and Debate Advisory Committee last week:

August 19th– New Coaches Workshop

September 9th– Convention/ Novice workshops

September 23– SWSDI Practice tournament @ Hamilton

September 30– Congress @ Chandler Prep Academy

October 20-21– Red Mountain Lost Dutchman

October 27-28– Jim Fountain Classic @ McClintock HS

November 10-11– Toro Country Classic @ Mountain View HS

November 17-18– Water Tower Invitational @ Mesquite HS

December 1-2– Winter Trophy

January 5-7– ASU Hugh Downs School of Human Communication Tournament

January 12-13– Chandler Prep

January 26-27– Bobcat Bonanza @ Central HS

February 10– NSDA Congress Qualifier

March 2-3–  SWSDI Tournament

March 9-10– State Tournaments

March 22-24– NSDA District Qualifier Tournament